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How to access our services

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Accessing Our Services

Before accessing our support services, the following will take place:

  • Funding needs to be in place – you can seek support from your local authority regarding funding options.
  • A visit to the service is recommended to see firsthand what we offer.
  • An assessment will be completed to ensure we have a full understanding of the individual’s support needs and what their aspirations are.
  • Support plans will be developed and agreed with the individual, detailing how aspirations and outcomes will be met.
  • A transition plan tailored to the individual will be developed to ensure a smooth introduction to our service.

A member of our team will support and guide you through the assessment and service development process. We will ensure that each individual is an active participant in the set up of their service and all those who are closely involved are fully consulted.

To find out more about accessing our services please fill out our online contact form, or call 01259 720044.