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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.


Our Vision

A world where autistic people are understood and enabled to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives as valued members of the community


Core Values

Our core values include the following:

  • A person-centred approach to support to autistic children, young people and adults
  • Upholding the right of service users to have input to their services
  • The promotion of positive and inclusive lifestyles, enabling autistic people to make a positive contribution to their local community
  • Investment in staff support and learning
  • A commitment to stakeholder involvement
  • Promoting mutuality of support and respect through the highest standards of integrity
  • To be an open and accountable organisation

What constitutes “enabled” from the point of view of our principal stakeholders?

A) Service Users

  • Opportunities to exercise informed choices, through education and experiences
  • Engagement in their own lifestyle

B) Parents and Carers

  • Quality of life for the child
  • Quality of the parent or carer’s own life
  • Shared experiences with other families and carers
  • Education, advice, and “How to” guidance
  • Access to support
  • Engage with the autism community
  • Establish support networks

C) Commissioners (such as Social Work and Education departments)

  • Maximise benefits to all with learning disabilities within each annual budget
  • Partnership working
  • Relationships
  • Efficiency
  • Making the overall business case for greater budgets

The key concepts underpinning our mission are inclusion, potential, citizenship, individualism, progression, responsibility and leadership.