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Our consultancy service can provide you with advice on attracting and retaining autistic staff, and how to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for autistic customers.

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We offer a range of bespoke consultancy services that will provide you and your business or organisation, with advice and guidance on how to support autistic people, attract and retain autistic employees, and provide a welcoming and accessible environment for your autistic customers.

We are committed to sustainable societal change that will support autistic people in their local communities. We want to work with businesses to ensure there is an on-going sustainable commitment for inclusion and accessibility for autistic people.

Autism is so individual that whilst some broad principles can be applied, for us, it is really about continuous engagement and learning to ensure adaptations are useful and make a difference to as many autistic people and their families as possible.


Watch this video below where Ron Coghill, Global Head of Capital Projects & Workplace for Barclays, highlights the key outcomes of our partnership with Barclays. We supported the build and design of an inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment at their new campus in Glasgow.

Our autism advisors supported Barclays to create a workspace environment that responds to people with physical, cognitive and sensory challenges, and is inclusive of neurodivergent colleagues, with a particular focus on autistic individuals.



Joanna Panese – Practice and Community Development Lead

Joanna leads a team of specialist autism advisors and will be on hand to support throughout your consultancy project.

An experienced practitioner and leader, Joanna has over 14 years’ experience in the third sector through direct practice, service development and management roles. At Scottish Autism, Joanna has worked alongside autistic people in supported living and day services, and has managed services that provide vocational and skills development opportunities.

In her current role, Joanna leads on the development of practice both internally and externally providing practice and service development support across Scottish Autism, and partner organisations. Joanna’s key interest lies in creating environments and communities that enable autistic people to flourish and that value their voice.

Zofia Bukeil - Senior Community Advisor

Zofia has 10 years’ experience in the third sector through direct practice, project development and management roles. Zofia has directly worked alongside autistic people both in children and adult services.

Zofia also managed a variety of services that provide social and leisure opportunities, transition support, day services as well as those that provide vocational and skills development opportunities.

Currently Zofia leads on the delivery of a range of community support services for autistic people and their families, such as the Advice Line and National Post Diagnostic Support, as well as a range of services for professionals and practitioners. Zofia coaches and mentors the wider Communities Team.

Zofia’s key interest encompasses person centeredness, encouraging autonomy and empowerment, that enables autistic people to achieve their aspirations and for their voices to be heard.


Rebecca Goodsir - Senior Practice Development Advisor

Rebecca has worked with Scottish Autism since 2010. Within this time, Rebecca has developed her experience through direct practice, management of services for autistic children, staff development and good practice sharing, and community support including external training and Scottish Autism’s Advice Line.

Rebecca’s current role centres on project management of Scottish Autism's practice advisor team. This postition promotes practice which has Scottish Autism's values at the heart. This is achieved through; development of training opportunities, reflective resources, improvement focussed sessions and concentrated practice work for teams, staff or services.

Rebecca has a passion for services which offer fulfilment for autistic individuals. This is based on providing a low stress environment and encouraging engagement with interests and activities which promote wellbeing. This is not only a passion for Rebecca due to the positive outcomes observed in practice but also through personal experience with family.  

We’ve taken the expertise that they give and applied that across out portfolio. That unique thought process that they bring is making it a much richer environment. We couldn’t have done it without Scottish Autism.

Ron Coghill, Head of Global Projects at Barclays


Our partnership with Scottish Autism for Castle of Light access night supported us to provide the most inclusive experience possible to our visitors. The team from Scottish Autism who volunteered at the event were fantastic! They were enthusiastic despite a very cold night, and helped our visitors to feel welcome and supported throughout their journey, using their knowledge and experience for exceptional engagement. It was an absolute joy to be their volunteer coordinator. We would welcome a future event partnership with Scottish Autism.

Joanna Todd, Volunteer Development Officer at Historic Environment Scotland


The advice we received from Scottish Autism was very helpful. We were so pleased to see so many attend our Relaxed Event, and the feedback was so positive, guests really enjoyed themselves and felt it was an enjoyable experience for everyone who attended within their party. We would highly recommend the consultancy service for any other organisations organising autism accessible events.

Julie Ogilvie, Event Producer at 21CC Group Ltd.



To learn more about our Consultancy Services please contact us:

Email to find out more or call 01259 222022.

Are you?

We will take the time to understand your strategic priorities when supporting autistic people. Our Advisors’ expertise and insight will support you to establish priority areas for improvement that reflect your strategic goals. We will work with your teams, using our proven, continuous improvement methodology, to embed recommendations, ensuring real and sustainable change to your practice. When you have successfully achieved your goals you will receive a ‘Committed to Good Autism Practice Award’ which is valid for two years. You then have the opportunity to continue your journey of continuous improvement progressing to the next stage award.

Deliver a welcoming experience for autistic people and a lasting change for your business

We understand the demands of recruiting and retaining the best talent for your organisation. There is a large, untapped pool of autistic individuals who are available to work and can bring their unique talents and expertise to your business; currently only around 22% of autistic individuals are employed in the UK (Office for National Statistics).

Our Advisors have the expertise and insight to support you to create truly accessible environments; both physically and culturally, where autistic people can feel comfortable, included and accepted to deliver their best and experience meaningful employment. Our team will work with you to create environments that enable autistic people to flourish and that value their voice. Our Advisors’ knowledge will deliver the best results for your business whilst increasing diversity in the workforce. The outcomes from our collaborative work will also deliver a long-lasting impact on the wellbeing of all your employees.

Recruit unique talents and expertise whilst increasing diversity in your workplace

We understand that you want to deliver an inclusive and welcoming experience for all your customers. Our Advisors’ expert knowledge and insight will support you to create truly autism accessible environments, where autistic people feel welcomed and can enjoy their visit. Our team will work with you to create environments that attract a diverse and inclusive customer base and build the capacity and knowledge of your employees.We will deliver the best results for your business and improve accessibility for autistic individuals and their families across Scotland.

Deliver a welcoming experience for autistic people and a lasting change for your business


To learn more about our Consultancy Services please contact us:

Email to find out more or call 01259 222022.