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Our consultancy service can provide you with advice on attracting and retaining autistic staff, and how to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for autistic customers.

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We offer a range of bespoke consultancy services that will provide you and your business or organisation, with advice and guidance on how to attract and retain autistic staff, and how to provide a welcoming and accessible environment for your autistic customers.

We are committed to sustainable societal change that will support autistic people in their local communities. We want to work with businesses to ensure there is an on-going sustainable commitment for inclusion and accessibility for autistic people.

Autism is so individual that whilst some broad principles can be applied, for us, it is really about continuous engagement and learning to ensure adaptations are useful and make a difference to as many autistic people and their families as possible.

 The Team

Joanna Panese, Practice and Community Development Lead, leads a team of specialist autism advisors who will be on hand to support throughout your consultancy project.

An experienced practitioner and leader, Joanna has over 12 years’ experience in the third sector through direct practice, service development and management roles. At Scottish Autism, Joanna has worked alongside autistic people in supported living and day services, and has managed services that provide vocational and skills development opportunities.

In her current role, Joanna leads on the development of practice both internally and externally providing practice and service development support across Scottish Autism, and partner organisations. Joanna’s key interest lies in creating environments and communities that enable autistic people to flourish and that value their voice.

Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy services include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental design and layout guidance - to help increase accessibility for autistic employees and customers
  • Bespoke support and advice on new build design and development - providing best practice when creating accessible environments for autistic people.
  • Provide resources that inform good practice surrounding accessible environments for autistic people
  • Provide bespoke training and access to information that supports understanding of autism – to inform the development of an inclusive and accessible working environment
  • Attracting talent, recruitment and the employee journey

We recognise that every business and organisation is unique and we are dedicated to bespoke partnership working. Scottish Autism is striving for societal change and we would be delighted to work with you to raise public awareness of the developments your organisation is committed to making.

A number of successful consultancy partnerships have already been developed between Scottish Autism and business partners. These include a two year programme with Barclays to develop an inclusive and accessible environment for autistic employees at its new Glasgow headquarters.  This included advising on practical matters such as the type of flooring and materials that support an inclusive environment.   A partnership was also established with Beecraigs Festive Forest to create an autism accessible environment for autistic people and their families attending its Christmas-themed attraction in West Lothian.

Watch the video below to hear what our clients at Silverburn Shopping Centre said about working with us!


To learn more about our Consultancy Services and for associated costs, please contact us:

Email to find out more or call 01259 222022.

Consultancy Feedback:

“We are delighted to be working with Scottish Autism at this exciting time for Barclays.  As we double our headcount in Scotland we want to do this in a way that attracts, retains and develops the best talent.  The design of the campus is crucial in this respect.”

Scott Stewart, Head of Barclays

“Following requests from families with autistic children, we were delighted to work with Scottish Autism to make the Festive Forest attractions more welcoming and accessible. We worked alongside Scottish Autism’s advisors to seek advice and support on what adjustments could be made to the Festive Forest and they provided autism awareness training to our staff working at the event. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Scottish Autism.”

Ewen McMartin, Director at Rowen Events