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Virtual Art Group

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Theme - Learning, What Have You Learend?

Join our online Art Group taking place every Wednesday from 20th April until 22nd June from 5pm - 6.30pm

The Art Group is open to autistic people and their families and aims to bring people together for creative expression in an informal and safe environment. It offers the chance for a mindful break from the day’s worries and can help to reduce stress. 

The Art Group will be led by a talented artist, Gabriele Gikyte, who has an academic background in art and experience of running a Virtual Art Group in Scottish Autism services in Lothian. Each hour and a half session will explore an artistic medium and an abstract theme which can act as guidance to start off the creative process. 

Attendees will be encouraged to view the theme through their own personal lens, brainstorming ideas and searching for ways to best depict their vision. Gabriele will share knowledge and tips on how to work with the different mediums and materials. The materials to use are for guidance only and the attendees can always work in their preferred medium and explore it in their own way.

The mediums and themes we will look into are:  

  • ink (pen, brush), theme - pattern 
  • pencils, theme - letting go
  • coloured background (canvas, paper), theme - contrast  
  • paint (acrylic, oil), theme - being kind
  • unique medium (something unexpected), theme - courage
  • 3D (clay, paper, knitting, etc.), theme - fidgets
  • natural materials (vegetables, plants, stone, soil), theme - acceptance
  • stamp, theme - imprint your favourite material, holding space

The sessions will run via Zoom so you will need a computer or device with good Wi-Fi. Cameras and microphones are preferred but not compulsory and please feel free to join in as many sessions as you like.


  • Keep discussions civil
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions
  • Engagement is not compulsory


  • Join in as many sessions as you like, the more the better!
  • The sessions will run via Zoom, you will need a computer or device with good Wi-Fi
  • Cameras and microphones are preferred but not compulsory
About Gabriele 

Gabriele Gikyte is an independent artist from Lithuania. She finished her studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts where she studied fine art and printmaking. Gabriele also studied Art Psychotherapy here in Scotland and has fundamental knowledge of photography, and is interested in a broad variety of art forms. A big part of Gabriele’s academic life was working with the general public via conducting educational art workshops in schools, festivals and fairs. This gave her valuable experience of working with various groups of people by helping them to fulfil their artistic needs in a safe environment.  Even though she mostly works in traditional media, Gabriele encourages experimentation and exploration through all art.

Gabriele has been running and facilitating a Virtual Art Club in East Lothian for Scottish Autism since April 2020, as well as providing staff and supported individuals with hand-drawn colouring sheets for the sessions.

5:00pm to 6:30pm
15th June 2022 to 15th June 2022

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How to book

General Enquiries

This is Block 5 of the Virtual Art Group

Time: 5pm to 6.30pm
Date: 15th June 2022
Location: Online

Please note that you can now book sessions in advance. You can also pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend in block 5.
Maximum number of 15 places

Please email any queries to


Meet the Host in our short video

Gabi describes what you can expect when you join the Wednesday evening Art Group.