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Motivational Interviewing as a Strategy of Support

Education Network Days

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Education Network Day
The network days take place four times a year and provide a forum for staff working with young autistic people to share ideas, resources and good practice, and to find out what is happening in local authorities across Scotland. Topics are suggested by the group according to current issues and at each meeting there is a discussion about the developments or projects that are supporting children on the spectrum in different local authorities.

In autism, as in life generally, advice-giving can often have limited impact and a person. Motivational interviewing is a powerful communication tool which can help staff support children around difficult conversations around change, behaviour and coping. It enables staff to find ways to help a person feel in control of decisions around changing their behaviour or to help the person explore new way of looking at things. The approach uses relationship to build trust within which a person feels they can safely discuss and explore new ways of doing things while not feeling that they being told what to do. In particular, motivational interviewing aims to a way to help staff minimise resistance in such interactions. As such, motivational interviewing is often also used by senior staff in supervision sessions.

This workshop introduces participants to the core skills of motivational interviewing and an opportunity to practice the basic elements of the approach in an informal and supported setting. The day will be led by Dr John McDermott, a Studio III psychologist. There will also be the opportunity for those in attendance to shape the direction of the discussion on the day.

10:00am to 3:00pm
28th February 2019 to 28th February 2019
New Struan School 100 Smithfield Loan Alloa FK10 1NP United Kingdom

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