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Autism and Friendship: getting and staying connected

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Peter Vermeulen's on-demand webinar on Autism & Friendship: getting and staying connected will take place on Wednesday 28th April.

Register here to receive the link to the webinar which will be emailed to you on the 28th April.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about autism is that autistic people lack social motivation and want to be on their own. Autistic people have a need for connectedness, just like all other human beings. However, getting connected and staying connected is quite a challenge for them. Many of the relational skills and knowledge that neurotypical people seem to develop effortlessly and spontaneously are clogged by the way an autistic brain understands the world.

In this webinar on autism and friendship, we explore the challenges autistic people face in making friends and keeping them and how they experience friendship. But we will also address some strategies for teaching and supporting them in the area of friendship. In particular, we will focus on the importance of clarifying for autistic people the abstract, vague and context sensitive rules and ingredients of friendship. 

28th April 2021 to 28th April 2021

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Autism and friendship: getting and staying connected

Date:  Wednesday 28 April
Location: Pre-recording video sent to you via link.
Target Audience: Autistic people and their families

Registration closes on Tuesday 27th April at 12 noon.

Please note, you must register for this event to recieve a link to the recording. This link will expire after a week, on Wednesday 5th April at midnight and will not be available to watch back on any of our platforms.