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Coping with Uncertainty with Peter Vermeulen

Guest Q&A

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Life is not completely predictable. It is always a bit uncertain. But now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, life is more uncertain than ever. There are so many things we don’t know and that we cannot predict. The main task of the human brain is to predict what will happen to us, so it can tell the our body what to do to survive. Our brains crave predictability which can lead us into patterns of thinking which aren’t always helpful. During this evolving pandemic, restrictions and measures surrounding Covid-19 are changing often, this uncertainty in itself will bring anxiety to some people.

Coping with Uncertainty

Following on from his previous presentation on ‘How to be your own coach’ we are delighted that Peter Vermeulen from Autism in Context in Belgium will join us for this Facebook Live Q&A session which will give viewers ideas on how to cope in our uncertain world. Peter has written a resource on Coping with Uncertainty that you may find interesting. 

12:00pm to 12:30pm
25th August 2020 to 25th August 2020

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Join Peter on 25th August at 12pm over on our Facebook page