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J.P Morgan - Autism at Work

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J.P Morgan are offering an Autism at Work Familiarisation Session on 22nd October at 8.45 – 15.00 in Glasgow Technology Centre.

In support of J.P. Morgan we are excited to share that they are offering an Autism at Work Familiarisation session for autistic people on 23rd October at 8.45 – 15.00 in Glasgow Technology Centre:

“Employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster innovation, creativity and productivity. There is tremendous power that results from this kind of diversity. In fact, creating a diverse and inclusive environment is critical to our success, and we are deeply committed to hiring and retaining employees from different backgrounds, experiences and locations.

Our Autism at Work program is an initiative to hire people on the spectrum – a traditionally underemployed population – for positions that can put their talents to use while catering to their specific environmental needs.

You are invited to register for our session in October, where you will learn more about the software engineering opportunities we have, and how the Autism at Work program can support you if you decide to apply. You will receive advice and guidance on your CV and preparing for an interview. We will also give you an insight into our working environment and culture.”


8:45am to 3:00pm
23rd October 2019 to 23rd October 2019
Glasgow Technology Centre Alhambra House 45 Waterloo Street G2 6HS United Kingdom

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If you are interested, please send your CV to and they will be in touch.