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Glam Up and Gift
Share your festive message with loved ones and
support autistic people in Scotland.


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Glam Up and Gift

Share your festive message with loved ones and support autistic people in Scotland.

T’is the season of giving! Instead of sending Christmas cards this Winter, why not share your festive message through a personalised photo or video from your own social media account and make a gift to Scottish Autism?!

Taking part in Glam Up and Gift is simple:

Make a donation here


Capture your Christmas message


Share it on your social media account and use #GlamUpandGift to encourage others to do the same.


Need inspiration?

  • Wear your festive Jumper or pyjamas!
  • Camera shy? Then make other family members/friends/pets centre stage
  • Look out the glad rags and embrace the glitter
  • Show off your vocals and sing along to your favourite Christmas song
  • Looking forward to your work night out? We’d love to see your glamorous group selfies
  • Perhaps you’re a film buff and have a favourite Christmas movie? You could replicate a scene

If you're not sure what to put in your message here is something to get you started:

"Instead of sending cards this year I’ve made a donation to Scottish Autism's #GlamUpandGift fundraiser. During the pandemic, calls to their Autism Advice Line trebled. Funds are needed to support autistic people and their families now more than ever.

{Insert your personal festive message here like you would on a card}



Have a peek at what other Glam Up and Gift supporters have been up to, view our Glam Up and Gift Gallery.



How your support helps

Your support can enable autistic people and their families to receive vital support from an experienced team of Community Advisors via services like our Autism Advice Line.

Our Autism Advice Line is the only one in Scotland. During the Covid-19 pandemic, enquiries to our Advice Line have almost trebled as many autistic people and their families continue to struggle with their mental health and wellbeing.

Your donations help to make a difference to continue providing vital support when it’s needed most.

Your Glam Up and Gift donations will provide vital support services for autistic people and their families across Scotland.