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Drawing With Graham

Jim Nicolson

Jim Nicolson is a Support Worker at our New Ridgepark Transitional Assesment Service. Graham is one of the individuals who Jim supports and together they have been working on their drawing skills over the past year. Jim has written a bit about his time working with Graham for us and also shared some of the drawings they have done together... 

Working with Graham brings all sorts of fun and challenges on a daily basis. Last year I discovered that Graham and I share two big interests; drawing and wildlife. Putting the two together, Graham finds both watching and participating in drawing wildlife utterly calming and fulfilling. He takes pride in showing off his work to anyone and everyone but has genuine enjoyment and complete concentration in the process of producing the end product.

To do this Graham chooses the subject matter from a wildlife book, I then do a line drawing as best I can and together using both Graham’s index finger and my own we put in the background shading and the different depths of shadow. Afterwards, Graham names each picture and we hang them on display. Graham genuinely enjoys this activity and appears to get a lot from it, and when complete and on display his pride is abundantly evident.

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