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Father & Daughter Adventurers Set For New Autism Awareness Challenge

Father and daughter duo, Ian and Eve Alderman, from Aberfoyle, are set to undertake a new challenge to raise awareness and funds for Scottish Autism in 2023.

Fresh from their most recent challenge in 2022, where they hiked the length of mainland UK from Dunnet Head to Lizard Point, the pair are now set to walk all of Scotland's Great Trails, twenty-nine in total, and hope to help raise awareness of autism and funding for Scottish Autism, Scotland's largest autism-specific charity.

Eve, age 8, aspires to one day climb Mount Everest, and both she and her father are autistic. During their 2022 challenge, they raised £15,000 while using their online posts to challenge stigma and perceptions around autism.

Commenting ahead of the start of their new challenge, Ian said:

“For the last couple of years, we have embarked on adventures to raise awareness of autism and challenge some of the often-associated stereotypes. Last year we walked 1300 miles, the length of the UK and raised over £15000 for autism. This year we have decided to stay closer to home by thru-hiking all 29 of the Scottish Great Trails, covering more than 1900 miles.

"We hope to be complete by 2024 but feel ready and prepared to continue hiking into the new year through the winter. For 2023 we have chosen to support Scottish Autism. Eve and I are both autistic and are two of the main underrepresented groups within the neurodiverse community; female children and late-diagnosed males.

"We have two main goals in attempting this epic hike. Firstly, we want to challenge stereotypes and perceptions of autism, by giving the public a window into the realities of an unseen disability that is as varied and challenging as the landscapes we will be hiking through. And secondly to promote, fundraise and raise awareness of Scottish Autism, the work they do in our communities and the support they offer to individuals and families."

Karen Wilson, Income Generation Lead at Scottish Autism commented:

"We are absolutely delighted that Ian and Eve have chosen to support us with their latest challenge. It is an epic undertaking, and we are absolutely in awe of their efforts to both raise awareness, and also undertake such a huge physical challenge.

"We are really looking forward to seeing the updates from Ian and Eve across their journey, and we look forward to seeing the total they are able to raise. We have no doubt that people will get right behind them as they did in 2022."

You can follow Ian and Eve's progress at either or