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Iceberg Productions support our annual awareness campaign

Today we have unveiled a new digital campaign to help raise awareness of our work in supporting autistic people and their families across Scotland. 

Iceberg Productions, a talented group of young autistic filmmakers, has been enlisted to produce a series of short films for April’s Autism Awareness Month which showcase the range of services and support we provide. Last November the Iceberg team interviewed HRH Princess Marie of Denmark for another film project, when she visited Glasgow to address our national conference.

The films made for this year’s #ValuedandAutistic campaign feature contributions from autistic people supported in our services.  The films demonstrate that all autistic people have something valuable to teach us, and that the charity continually strives to recognise, validate and act upon an individual’s ‘voice’ and ‘choice’ to enable skills, talents and aspirations to be realised.

The films will be part of an event that we are hosting, opening on 1 April at Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre, to mark Autism Awareness Month. It will include a dedicated public engagement space with a large message wall where visitors will be encouraged to share ‘what makes them feel valued’ as part of the #VauledAndAutistic campaign.   

Scottish Autism’s Deputy Chief Executive Charlene Tait said: “As a charity committed to enabling autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, we are delighted to be working alongside the inspiring team at Iceberg Productions, to create a series of short films demonstrating the services and support provided by Scottish Autism.

“Feeling valued is fundamental to everyone’s wellbeing and self-esteem, and this is the key theme of this year’s campaign.  Autistic people are at the heart of everything we do, with the recognition that each of our supported individuals has something valuable to teach us.

“Feeling valued requires that someone demonstrates that they have seen worth in you, and your contribution. In order for the people we support to feel valued, we not only listen to their wants, needs and aspirations, but with enabling support, help them to achieve what is meaningful to them.”

Asked about being involved in the campaign, Emma from the Iceberg Productions said:  “It’s been fun. My favourite bit was seeing the edited versions of the films.  I just think it’s more realistic than being put on a conveyor belt and put to one side. It shows people with autism can do things like making films.

Emma, who is also part of Iceberg’s team said: “I’m a lot happier {since taking part in iceberg} and I’ve always said I’d give something back to Scottish Autism.”

Fellow Iceberg filmmaker Daniel commented: “I’ve enjoyed working with the cameras.  I’m impressed. I’m impressed with every bit of it. I’d like to be a professional director.” Meanwhile his colleague Jason said: “That’s the Scottish Autism I know…it’s from the pupils’ perspectives instead of using stand-in’s.”

For further details of our exhibition at Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre, visit:

For more information on the Brand Campaign visit: