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New National Post Diagnostic Support Service

We are delighted to be involved in the pilot of a new National Post Diagnostic Support Service for autistic people which begins today. 

The collaborative initiative, funded by the Scottish Government, is delivered in partnership with Autistic People's Organisations SWAN (Scottish Women’s Autism Network), Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh (AMASE), Triple A’s, ARGH (Autism Rights Group Highland) and national charities Scottish Autism, The National Autistic Society Scotland and Autism Initiatives Scotland. It will ensure that autistic people of all ages in Scotland who have been diagnosed within the last two years, as well as their parents and families, are routed to appropriate support following diagnosis. 

The service aims to give newly diagnosed people the opportunity to understand, embrace and develop their identity as an autistic person. Autistic People's Organisations SWAN, AMASE, Triple A’s and ARGH will offer a range of support which will include connecting with peers and hearing from autistic-led knowledge and lived experienced.  Specifically SWAN can offer autistic women and girls peer support, mentoring and access to webinars. AMASE will provide peer support to adults via online social events specifically tied to autistic culture and community. Triple A’s will offer support for parents and carers centred around improving understanding and acceptance of a family members’ autism as well as 1:1 support and mentoring for autistic people.  ARGH will offer support to autistic adults and the parents of autistic children through online groups.

The national charities will also offer a variety of support. Autism Initiatives will focus on supporting adults diagnosed later in life and signposting individuals to local services, whilst the National Autistic Society Scotland will deliver post diagnostic support to adults of all ages through online social groups. Scottish Autism will support parents and carers of autistic children, young people and those supporting their child into adulthood within the family home through our Get Set 4 Autism programme. It aims to promote a greater understanding of autism, improve communication between parents and professionals and equip parents with practical skills and knowledge to better support their child. 

To learn more about the service and to find out how to access this support please visit the Different minds. One Scotland website.

To access Scottish Autism's Get Set 4 Autism please contact our Autism Advice Line.