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Home > News > The Scottish Government briefing update 21st May

The Scottish Government briefing update 21st May

Today the First Minster announced Scotland’s route-map out of the current lockdown restrictions.
This route-map will come into effect, should the evidence suggest so, on the 28th May, and the country will enter Phase 1. You can view this here.

The First Mister detailed several activities and things which she anticipates will be allowed to take place during this first phase. On the 28th May the First Minister will address which of these can take place and when the changes will take effect.

As of now the advice remains the same, stay at home, only leave your house to take exercise, essential food shopping or to collect medication. Continue to observe the 2m meter social distancing rule, and wash your hands regularly.

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes and what they mean for the autistic community.

You can also seek advice via our Advice Line or live chat.