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Bespoke Training 

We will work with your organisation or business to provide a personalised training service, increasing your awareness and understanding of autism.

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Bespoke Training

Who are our training courses for?


Our bespoke learning events are aimed at organisations or businesses who would like their staff to have a solid understanding of autism as a developmental difference. This could be from a wide variety of settings including support services, educational establishments, workplaces and customer service roles. If you are autistic or identify as autistic, you may wish to contact our Autism Advice Line.

Autism is a lifelong, developmental difference in the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information. Every autistic person is different and our training aims to increase understanding of these differences. By doing so we strive to create communities that support autistic people to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.



How does our bespoke training work?


Our bespoke learning events can be delivered face to face or online. An experienced Autism Community Advisor will work with your organisation or business to provide a personalised training service, designed to focus on developing a solid understanding of autism as a developmental difference. 

Special attention is paid to how this may look in the context of your business or organisation. We recognise that every business and organisation is unique and we are dedicated to bespoke partnership working. 

We will use our expertise and knowledge to support your employees or team to understand key aspects including; understanding autism, sensory and communication needs, reducing stress and increasing wellbeing.

What have participants said about our bespoke training events?


As a line manager responsible for a range of staff with different needs, I found the training extremely beneficial. The training allowed my staff to be open about their needs to work as part of a team, and has given me a greater understanding of all of my team’s individual working and learning styles, to support them going forward.

The process to arrange the training was very easy and Scottish Autism were flexible to accommodate a mixture of needs. I would highly recommend that anyone who manages staff to engage with this training.

Ashleigh Morrissey, Data Manager at Public Health Scotland

To learn more about our bespoke training events and associated costs for your organisation or business, please contact us:

Email to find out more or call 01259 222022.

You may also wish to consider our Consultancy services that will provide you and your business or organisation, with advice and guidance on how to attract and retain autistic staff, and how to provide a welcoming and accessible environment for your autistic clients.