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Coronavirus and your wellbeing

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Wellbeing for (and by) Autistic People

Wellbeing resources for you

Looking after your mental and physical health at this time is hugely important, and this will look very different for all of us. We have created a group of resources that will hopefully support you to manage your mental, physical and emotional health during this time.

Within these resources you will find information on managing stress, and recognising what stress looks like for you. Our handy guide on types of self-care has also been developed to help guide you, you can add your own to this, and please do share these with us via our social media platforms.

You will also find information on mindfulness and coping and whilst we recognise this will look different for everyone, this will hopefully give you a starting point. Our mindfulness resources have been split into support for adults and for children and you can use these depending on what you need.

We have also gathered together places where you can get further support if you need it.


Alongside the autistic community we have created these resources for autistic people as a way to share insights and reflections on the current situation around Covid-19 and how to keep well.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts.

Covid-19 has imposed itself on what are, for many of us, already very stressful and anxious lives.

Looking after yourself and keeping well is extremely important, now more so than ever.

We will all be experiencing this differently, and so the following are simply self-insights and suggestions that some of us have found helpful and would like to pass on.

The topics below have flowed from the information we’ve received and offer insights and reflections on the current situation around Covid-19 and how to keep well.

Watch our video from the Advice Line Plus series to hear Peter Vermeulen discuss free time management in autism. Keep an eye on our online events page where we will post more Autism Advice Q&A sessions soon.

Advice Line Plus with Peter Vermuelen Episode 4



Autism Advice Q&A - Free Time Management



You can also hear Peter Vermeulan discuss how to ceome your own coach in our Advice Line Plus series and one of the Autism Advice Q&A sessions.

Advice Line Plus with Peter Vermuelen Episode 3


Advice Advice Q&A - How to become your own coach


Please show your support!

COVID-19 is putting more demand on our support services while impacting our fundraising activities.

At this difficult time, donations are, as always, essential to the much needed funding of our Autism Advice Line. Our Autism Support Team are working very hard to create these informative resources to support autistic people and their families through this uncertain time, while also responding to all enquiries to the Autism Advice Line as quickly as possible.

We would be very grateful if you would make a donation to support this vital service and help us reach more autistic people and their families when they need it most!