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Advice Line Plus Events

Advice Line Plus series and Autism Advice Q&A's

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Advice Line Plus Events

Advice Line Plus is an extended offering to our Advice Line service.  


Advice Line Plus Series

We are pleased to announce a series of short episodes on a variety of topics that we hope you will find useful during this time. They will be delivered by a range of speakers over the coming weeks. The series will be recorded in advance so will not be live on the day.

Upcoming topics and dates: 

There are currently no upcoming dates for our Advice Line Plus Series.

Past Advice Line Plus Series

Episode 1 - Wellbeing 
Episode 2 - Supporting Children and Young People
Episode 3 - How do you become your own coach?
Episode 4 - Free time management in autism
Episode 5 - Coping with modern life - lessons from the ancient world
Episode 6 - A good night's sleep: Learning about sleep from autistic adolescents' personal accounts 
Episode 7 - Autistic School Staff in the UK

Guest Q&A

We have a variety of Guest Speaker Q&A’s taking place over the next month via Facebook Live. For further information on who will be joining us please see below. 

Our Guest Q&A's are answered via Facebook Live over on Scottish Autism's Facebook page.

Upcoming topics and dates:

Lauren Davidson on Autism and Employability - 11th November

Past Guest Q&A's 

Autism Advice Q&A

These sessions are run to help provide as much support as we can to autistic people, their families and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep an eye on our online events page where we will post more Autism Advice Q&A sessions soon.

Upcoming topics and dates:

There are currently no upcoming dates for our Autism Advice Q&A sessions. Please check out our Guest Q&A section above.

It is with thanks to our Advice Line Team that we are able to deliver events like these. This team also operates our Autism Advice Line which provides valuable emotional and practical support to families across Scotland. To help us continue to deliver this service, and other vital services in the future, please visit

You can view recordings of the previous Q&A sessions below:

Autism Advice Live  - 9th April Transcript  

Autism Advice Live  - 29th April Transcript    

Autism Advice Q&A (Supporting Children and Young People) -  21st May Transcript

Autism Advice Q&A (How to become your own coach) - 4th June Transcript

Autism Advice Q&A (Free Time Management) - 18th June                                                  

For links to the resources mentioned please view this document.