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Right Click

Right Click is an online programme for parents and carers to provide information and support at times when you need it most.

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A Guide to our programme

Right Click - online support

Who is it for?


Right Click is for parents or carers of individuals on the autism spectrum who are in particular need of information and support. Our experience tells us that this is often when a child is newly or recently diagnosed or when they are coming up to a major personal or environmental transition and so we have developed our programmes accordingly. 

Right Click - online support

How the Right Click programme works


The online programme builds over four weeks with new content being released each week and then a fifth week is available to review any of the materials which were of particular interest. The content is largely made up of videos with some supporting documents. Parents are also assigned their own autism advisor who can be contacted to answer questions or give more specific advice for your family.





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What are the programme's benefits?


Our online support programme gives parents access to our knowledge in a format which is available for you to access and absorb in your own time, at your own pace and for no cost. We hope that the information enables you to make positive changes for your family.



Independent evaluation report


You can now download the independent evaluation report of Right Click written by Dr Anna Robinson, from University of Strathclyde, to read how Right Click can benefit families.


Download report

How to sign up to Right Click

Step 1

Complete our registration form

Step 2

You will receive a confirmation email when you complete registration

Step 3

You will receive an email when the intake you registered for is starting

Important note for professionals

The Right Click programme has been developed specifically for parents or carers of autistic individuals. During the registration process, participants will be asked questions about their young child, teenager or adult so that we can provide more tailored support if required. We are not accepting people on a professional capacity however, if you wish to preview some of the material to determine suitability for parents/carers that you support, please contact us at to make arrangements.

Programme info & dates

Programme information

Find out more about the three programmes we currently have on offer




Young Child Programme

Teen Programme

Adult Programme


We offer the Right Click programme several times throughout the year with each programme running for 5 weeks.

Upcoming programme dates


Young Child Programme

Teen Programme

Adult Programme