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Improve your understanding of autism and develop an inclusive and accessible environment for autistic people.

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Our Training Courses

Our training is aimed at practitioners, professionals, and those that work with or alongside autistic people.  

Autism is a lifelong, developmental condition that affects the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information. At Scottish Autism we recognise that every autistic person is different, by increasing our understanding of these differences we hope to create communities that support autistic people to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.  

We offer a range of training courses all of which are presented by an experienced practitioner who will explore how our understanding has changed over the years. We will take participants through a journey of exploring how an evidence based practice approach - where the best research evidence is considered alongside the quality of life and wellbeing of supported individuals - can enable us to increase our understanding of autism.

The day will be interactive with opportunities for comments, questions and discussion.

Courses Available

Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Through this course you will begin to develop an understanding of the developmental differences an autistic person may have as well as turning our thinking to how this developmental profile may influence how an autistic person communicates, thinks and understands the social world.

Autism as a Developmental Difference

This course has been developed to further our understanding of autism as a developmental difference.  This course will deepen our understanding of typical and atypical development, and start to explore what we mean by a spiky developmental profile in autism. We will also look at ‘self’ and how our understanding of an individual’s developmental profile informs our practice.

Supporting and Understanding Communication

Getting an individual’s communication profile right is crucial in facilitating day-to-day interaction, enabling individuals to articulate their needs and aspirations. This course will explore how we can support individuals to articulate their needs and express their voice and choice.

Sensory Processing

Understanding how we make sense of the world around us and process this sensory information for meaning. The course will also look at exploring sensory difference for autistic individuals, and what we as practitioners should consider when looking at the environment.

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Through this course we will explore our understanding of what stress looks like and how it affects us. We will look at the transactional nature of stress and what impact our relationships have on our ability to cope with and support others with stress.


  • Full Day course

£700 (for up to 25 delegates) plus travel from Alloa at 45p per mile

Overnight accommodation may also be required depending on location

  • Half day course

£450 (for up to 25 delegates) plus travel from Alloa at 45p per mile

Promoting Happiness and Wellbeing

Our wellbeing defines quality of life, through this course we will look at what wellbeing looks like for us all as well as strategies to support wellbeing, including positive psychology and mindfulness.

  • Half day course

£450 (for up to 25 delegates) plus travel from Alloa at 45p per mile  

Autism Profiling

This course provides an insight into the importance of individual profiling; how to do this in the context of autism and an overview of the strategies and principles of good practice for supporting autistic people. The course can be slanted towards autistic adults, teens or children dependent on the focus of the delegates attending.

Please note this course is delivered over 2 days. The cost is £1400 plus 2 days travel from Alloa at 45p per mile.

If you don’t see anything in our current training programme to suit your learning needs then please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01259 222022 to discuss your requirements.


Delegate Feedback:

"I now have a better understanding of autism,
and enjoyed listening to other people’s experiences."

"It allowed me to reflect on my classroom
practice, gave me ideas to improve my
practice, but most importantly improved
my self-confidence."

"Well facilitated, involving all of the group in
discussion and trainer was genuinely interested
in people’s experiences – excellent!"