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Just Me (Sam's Song)

Steve O'Connor

Steve O'Connor shares with us a beautiful song he has written and tells us about the inspiration and meaning behind it - we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did!

This song was inspired by a young lady by the name of Samantha or Sam as she likes to be called. Sam has Autism and when she was a child her parents were told they may have to learn sign language as Sam would probably not be able to communicate through speech. Well! Sam sings and paints and now writes, the more I got to know her the more taken I was by her sheer determination to achieve, Sam has fantastic support from her parents and her brother Andie who also has autism, she keeps improving all the time and shows a great understanding of music, so this song is an accolade to her and all on the autism spectrum, this song is their voice I hope, and may help break down the barriers, misconception and ignorance that surrounds autism in the world today and I believe Sam will go on to achieve much more.

Listen to Just Me (Sam's Song) below