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Sam Radio Award Party review

Sarah Dickinson

In May 2021, Sam Radio won Bronze for Best Commercial Partnership at the Arias Awards – which is a big thing in the radio world!

With restrictions now easing, Paul decided to hold a party to celebrate with all the presenters. I went to the party with Jacqui and had a great time. We then got a taxi to Paul's house, where he lives with his dad. It meant that I also got to catch up with the other presenters who I haven’t seen since 2019.

I was nervous and excited to see them. We had a buffet which had pizza, sausage rolls, chicken & pesto sandwiches, baklava and drinks. We got to hold the award and I got a photo with it as well! We also managed to get a group photo too.

I had a great time at the party and had fun with my fellow presenters.

I give it 10 out of 10!