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Home > News > Blogs > Voices from the Spectrum > Where did January go?! - Emma's Blog January 2018

Where did January go?! - Emma's Blog January 2018

Emma Stanley

I am sorry there has been no blog from December but I had not been well. I hope you all had fun over Christmas and had lots of food and drink.  I bought myself a radio with my Christmas money, which I love it to bits. 80s music playing away all day long, makes me very happy.

The weather in January was very cold and blue. I did have fun watching a few BMW’s getting stuck going up the hill outside my house because of snow. BMW’s are not good in snow!

I am looking forward to the Spring and Summer, hopefully will get some hot weather.

Thankfully I am nice and cosy in my house because I got new heating put in, I have new radiators and a new electric fire. I am now going to have to arrange for the decorators to come in because new fireplace is smaller than old one.  Looking forward to picking out new wallpaper, think I might buy from Homebase. The workmen did manage to break my TV aerial connection, one of my staff saved the day and fitted all the pieces back together. Was very happy to have my TV working again.

I bought myself a small suitcase so I that I can be all packed for going into Respite.  Was in Respite for a couple of nights, had lots of fun and more dates in my diary to look forward to.

Met up with all my friends at the Art Club and we had a Chippy, my Fish and Chips were yummy.

I have a new keyworker and have been getting to know her. It’s great because she has family in Portsmouth (this is where I grew up), so we have been singing ‘Play up Pompey, Pompey play up’ chatting about all our Portsmouth connections.

Went to the hairdressers at the end of January, I feel like a new woman after having my hair dyed red.