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Home > News > Blogs > Voices from the Spectrum > Is Winter Nearly Over? - Emma's Blog February 2018

Is Winter Nearly Over? - Emma's Blog February 2018

Emma Stanley

Summer is finally on its way; the days are getting longer at last and the lambs will be being born soon.  Summer makes me happy because it’s nice and warm and I can sit out in my front garden. I hate the winter, I can’t wait to see the back of this freezing weather!

Six nations are upon us (today!) England vs Scotland – and what can I say? The best team won! It’s about time our English cousins had their comeuppance! The Pars will be playing too, wherever they may be playing, let’s hope that they win.

I’m watching the winter Olympics at the moment. It looks like it is our best winter Olympics so far. I was hoping for the ladies curling team to win, but unfortunately, they never did.

Hopefully I would like to go on holiday to England at some point this year. I would quite like to visit somewhere like London in particular as I really like it there – it’s vibrant and there are lots of things to do.

Take care!