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Happy Holidays - Emma's Blog July 2017

Emma Stanley

I recently went to the Lake District with my mum on a weekend holiday and the weather was gorgeous! We went with a local coach company, we stopped off at a service station for a cup of coffee, the roads were quite quiet as it was past rush hour and we arrived early in Windermere. We stayed in Windermere Manor and it’s owned by the RNIB and it’s geared for disabled people, not just for the blind, but they did have brail underneath the room numbers which impressed me although I am not blind. There was a whole load of guide dogs in, they have kennels out the back for the guide dogs which is good. My room was gorgeous, we overlooked some woods with a whole load of trees and it was good, by the way I wasn’t sharing a bed with my mum! That night we went to central Windermere for tea, I had a gammon steak with pineapple, it wasn’t a round one it was a proper gammon steak and mum had pasta and it was good.

Windermere is great for walking and the hills above Windermere are some of the best in the country. On the Saturday we went to Kendal and I bought a new pair of walking boots in the sale and had a Greggs the bakers for lunch and a bottle of water as it was even hotter that day, I think it was one of the hottest days that England had seen. I also bought a new aqua blue rain jacket that packs into the pocket and I can wear it around my waist as it has a strap. We then got on the bus and came home and had a drink in the bar, it was a soft drink by the way! We had great fun on holiday and we came back on the Sunday and the roads were quite quiet again, home round about 8 o’clock and mum had parked her car at the park and ride so all we had to do was load the car up and drive home.

This month I also went into respite, the staff couldn’t have been nicer! My keyworker was lovely. The residents were nice too, we all had a laugh and the cook does amazing puddings, I’m a pudding freak, I’m not sure what it was it was like a strawberry tart but the base was a biscuit and I had a roast dinner for tea. Respite is very good and my bed was very comfortable and I had my own room with a shower and a toilet. I’ve discovered that I can take my portable radio with me, but I was listening to Magic on the telly. Given the chance and if you have good carers go for it! I am going back because I liked it and it gets me out socialising. I didn’t speak much when I was in respite because I was unsure of everybody but it was good.

Signing off,