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Here to assess people on an individual basis.

The National Diagnosis and Assessment Service for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a specialist service available at a national level to individuals of all ages for diagnosis.

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National Diagnosis & Assessment Service

** Important update: Please note due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and changes to restrictions, the diagnostic team are now able to offer a limited number of face to face assessments. We are still accepting referrals as usual and you will be contacted to establish if a face to face appointment is right for you at this time.**


Our service was set up by Scottish Autism with support from the Scottish Executive Health Department. We aim to contribute to the quality of life of people with ASD and their families and carers by providing accurate diagnosis and assessment.

A distinctive feature of the service is that is covers both children and adults. Many people find that there is no diagnostic service available to them because they fall into the wrong age range for local services. Others find that a criterion for eligibility is whether or not they have a learning disability, and often those who come to us have fallen through the net after having been referred previously to a variety of services without receiving a specialist assessment. Our service is available to everyone, irrespective of age or learning disability status.

Why a National Service?

We are fully committed to the view that specialist, multi-disciplinary diagnostic and assessment services for ASD should be available in the local area, together with the widest possible range of provisions for meeting educational, health and other needs. It is recognised, however, that there are many gaps in service provision and in the availability of experienced personnel throughout the UK. Also, there are occasions when a diagnosis is required quickly or where second opinion is necessary. As a national service we are able to contribute towards addressing these gaps.

Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Process

A key feature of the service is a multi-disciplinary assessment process led by Professor Tommy MacKay, Clinical Director of the service, who has an international reputation in ASD. He is lead author of the National Training Framework for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, a co-author of the SIGN Guideline on diagnosis and intervention for ASD and a Founding Director of the National Centre for Autism Studies. He has over 30 years of experience in autism diagnosis and has supported developments at national level by undertaking Government research into ways of expanding local services through a range of new diagnostic initiatives.

The National Diagnosis and Assessment Service reflects the standards of the National Centre for Autism Studies, which is based on aiming for excellence in teaching, excellence in research and excellence in practice. The service brings together extensive experience across all of these areas in its aim to provide the highest standards in diagnosis and assessment.

Assessments will normally be conducted at our own premises in Alloa. Where appropriate, team members may wish to see individuals or carry out assessments in other contexts, such as at home or in a local provision. A full process of liaison will take place with relevant professionals and others, supported by available reports of assessments already conducted. We will provide a written report on completion of the assessment process.

How to make a referral

We operate an open referral system which is used by GPs, health professionals, the courts, prison services, solicitors, social work departments, education services, integrated children’s services, the Ministry of Defence, employers and individual families. We would encourage prospective referrers to contact our Head Office in the first instance to discuss costs and the referral process.

Address for referrals and enquiries:

National Diagnosis and Assessment Service
Hilton House, Alloa Business Park
Whins Road
FK10 3SA

Tel: 01259 720044


The composition of each assessment team varies according to the needs of each individual referral.